West Coast Environmental Law

West Coast Environmental Law is a non-profit organization working to protect British Columbia’s environment by advocating for the creation and enforcement of progressive, stringent and protective environmental laws. Since 2974, we have helped shape many of British Columbia’s most significant environmental legislative initiatives.

West Coast Environmental Law has a unique and time-tested approach to identifying sustainable solutions to environmental threats and providing sound legal information, guidance, and support to individuals, communities, and organizations seeking to protect their water, lands, and air.


“With West Coast Environmental Law’s vast expertise in virtually all areas of municipal, provincial, and federal law, no other organization is better positioned to safeguard our environment through law. “

Thomas Berger QC
Honourary Board Member

The Climate change debate is pervasive. British Columbia needs an authority on climate change legislation and policy to guide our province towards a genuine climate friendly future. Because of its deep roots in this field, no other organization is better positioned to do so than West Coast Environmental Law

David Anderson, Honourary Board Member and
Former Federal Minister of the Environment

Legally binding measures to protect the environment are essential to ensure the health, safety, and economic well-being of all citizens, – today, and for generations to come. British Columbia can and must do more to steward its rich legacy of wild spaces, clean water, and abundant wildlife. Left unchecked, rampant resource extraction and inadequate regulatory controls will mean a diminished quality of life for our children.

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West Coast Environmental Law
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